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Guild Removal Procedure Empty Guild Removal Procedure

Post by Meghan Pratt on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:59 pm

Anyone sees Jonny Snipe PLEASE give him hugs for me and try to help him find me in forum so he can PM me. It wouldn't let him join forum for some reason so he'll be under Guest. There was a mix up in his guilding so he IS STILL AN OFFICER but since I do not have game access right now I can't come on to promote him again. He was NOT removed from guild intentionally and could not have been booted by anyone since he was an officer and I am the only one who can remove an officer. I did NOT remove him. Y'all know he's my boy ARGH

Exclamation If I ever remove anyone from guild for any reason I will let the rest of you know in guild chat and on forum in a new section explaining who and WHY this person was removed. I will also inform the person being removed before doing so. The same procedure goes for officers.

IF YOU ARE EVER REMOVED FROM GUILD WITHOUT BEING PRE-WARNED: Please let someone from guild know and they will reguild you as soon as it is possible. This has happened several times in some sort of glitch.

Arrow If I find out an officer is booting members without GOOD reason they will lose officer status immediately and may lose guild based upon the decision of myself and the other officers. This has happened before and those members are no longer with us.

Love you guys!!! rock out
Meghan Pratt
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